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Harvey Schwartz welcomes you to the 41st episode of Psychoanalysis On and Off the Couch In these times when we are all facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions we are going to be changing the focus of our podcast. Now we are going to be interviewing psychoanalysts from all corners of the globe to discuss how their local communities are coping with this situation; how their clinical work has been affected by this situation; and also how the internal worlds of both the analysts and the patient have been impacted by this virus as it reaches both our real and imaginary fears.

Dr. Harvey Schwartz welcomes Dr. Simonetta Diena to this episode. She is a psychiatrist and a Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst at the Italian Psychoanalytic Association and she is also a Fellow of the Research Training Program of the International Psychoanalytic Association. Dr. Diena’s interests are wide, she has published and spoken on eating disorders, on art, films, and trauma. Dr. Diena’s latest book published in English is named Psychoanalysis Listening to Love: Passion and Bonds.

In today’s episode, the conversation is on the pressing crisis, Dr. Diena lives and works in Milan, and she shares how she finds herself doing “things she never has done before.” This is a reality for us all, we will find ourselves doing things we have never done before. The challenge is to being able to integrate a focus on metaphor and analytic reality during this times of global crisis.

Key Takeaways
[4:38] Dr. Diena talks about the current situation in Milan, Italy.
[5:30] Dr. Diena shares how the psychoanalytic community has been affected by the Covid-19 crisis.
[9:50] The role of intuition.
[10:55] The differences now in the clinical setting.
[13:30] The problem of the worries.
[15:45] This time the worry is shared by both the patient and the analyst.
[18:32] We will be doing things we have never done before.
[19:20] Dr. Diena shares some clinical examples.
[23:08] Being alone in a different way.
[25:31] Dr. Diena shares how the feeling of belonging to a community is sustaining her in this process.
[28:25] Celebrating holidays in a different way.

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